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We are not going to use your donation in our administration. All your donation will go to the innocent East Turkistani children who are living in Turkey. Our partner there in Turkey ---"Zulmün Yetimi Türkistan" will be fair in distributing donations. You will know where your donation have been use by contacting us. We will send you all your receipt as soon as your donation be used.

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Make a difference !!!

To East Turkistanis Youth:

This is an opportunity to do something for our homeland East Turkistan.  We understand your worries about your family back in East Turkistan if you join our community. Don’t be afraid. We will never give your personal information to any one as you are a volunteer. You can help us at home.


You can reach us via our websıte, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and instagram. 

What can I do for East Turkistan Youth Union ?

There are many things have to be done for our homeland East Turkistan. After you have reached us, we can disscuss what you can do based on your ability and time.

When can I start to work as a volunteer ?

You can start after our interview.

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