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Uyghur united norway


     Football / Soccer is one of the favourite sport of Uyghurs. Just like the other limitation in East Turkistan, Chinese government tries their best to stop Uyghur football players to play in national team and international team although Uyghurs play much better than Chinese.

     Norwegian Uyghur Youth football team created first time in 2008 in Gjøvik, Norway by the former coach Mutelip. In 2019, Uyghur Youth United Norway was established. And now there are five East Turkistanians football clubs for 6 cities are there in Norway. Uyghur United Norway arranges one tournament between these 5 clubs every year.

     To us, football/soccer creates a platform that would enable us to make political declarations and expand international relations to exhibit the skills and aspirations of East Turkistanians to the whole wide world.

     East Turkistan Youth Union does not own Uyghur United Norway but helping them to arrange football tournament, to give them economical and media support.

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