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As the Urumqi Fire broke out in East Turkistan on 24.11.2022, dozens of people were killed. Chinese people finally could not bear the crackdown of the CCP and went down to the streets to protest. First started by standing against the Zero-Covid policy which they suffer from the most, developing into demanding freedom and democracy in China.


As mentioned above, the purpose of the Chinese people doing this movement is against a domestic policy or the ruling of their own government. It is entirely distinct from our movement and has been going on for almost 70 years, which in our view is very inappropriate for Uyghurs to hold white paper and join the movement. On the other hand, we fear this can be one of the CCP’s plans to weaken the movement we are doing in the west into a movement that only is against domestic policies. Showing white paper/white flag can also mean surrendering in a broader context, which also raises concern if it is really appropriate to stand against the enemy by holding white paper.


The purpose of #BlueIndependence movements is to remind our people to be sharp in these times when our careless actions might cause us severe damage in the future. Also, to remind them to stay strong on their purpose of demanding independence of East Turkistan as it is the only way out for us in this situation.


Secondly, the external purpose is to advocate the importance of the Independence of East Turkistan for the Uyghur people. The only reason Uyghurs are facing genocide and suffering from the Chinese government’s crackdown is that our country is occupied.



In conclusion, this movement is mainly to help East Turkistanian people in the diaspora to stay on the right track and to remember independence is our end goal and whatever we do, we have to keep that in mind. We also hope to advocate the world that we demand East Turkistan's independence and that there are no other ways.

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