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About us

The Norwegian Youth Union was established in Norway on 5th of July 2018 by a group of Uyghur youth with a common understanding and a common goal, which is to stand up against China's invasion of East Turkestan, as well as the advocacy of the Independence of East Turkestan movement.


The Norwegian Uyghur Youth Union is currently working on Occupied East Turkestan’s advocacy as well as education and mobilization of the Uygur youth who live in Norway. Since the occupation of East Turkestan in 1949, the Chinese regime has gradually tightened their invasion policy towards East Turkestan. starting with huge quantity of immigration then racial discrimination graduated to forbiten religion now finishing up with ethnical genocide, our goal is to advocate and gain recognition of the occupation of East Turkistan. Also, we have come to realize that many Uyghur youth are ignorant and pessimistic about the current situation. Through organizing different activities and study sessions as well as courses we are Aiming to educate these Uyghur youth to join up with this fight against this violation, in the same time we are trying to provide positive energy and bring hope to the younger generation. We are also working on Norway's recognition of the Uyghur genecide, it is widely recognized by many countries but Norway. we believe that it is very important for Norway to recognize the genocide China is carring on right now, as norway is the place where Nobel Pease prize is awareded, however, Norway also has the tightest business relation with China, which is the most violent country in the 21st centry. As China is also brutly violating against our religious freedom, not only that,  China is actually humiliating Islam in our land. Therefore we believe it is very important for Muslims to also stand up against this violation.


We welcome any youth who has a similar understanding and common goal as us to join us with this fight. 

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  • Arrange different kinds of events for East Turkistani Youth to learn our religion, culture, mother language and history.

  • Arrange different kinds of information stands to introduce Chinese genocide on East Turkistanis to other people. At the same time, we arrange different kinds of demonstrations against Chinese occupation of East Turkistan.

  • Arrange different kinds of conference, football matches and other social activities for East Turkistani youth for getting better known of each other.

  • Get in touch with other youth communities for exchange opinions and experiences.

       All of our events and activities are under permits of Norwegian law and  international laws. We are strongly against violence and terror.

Our goal is to reach independence of East Turkistan in a peace way.

Our board members 

Our elder board members have been replaced. East Turkistan Youth Union now consists of 6 new board members

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